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15-05-2003 : new systems for banisters and handrails - framings and edgings for metal panels and panes - ready for simply and fast mounting

15-5-2003 : perforated wood panels for carpenters and industry

02-01-2003 : framings and edgings for banisters and handrails - for metal panels and panes

18-12-2002 : our machining centre : machining of sheet metal - LASER-cut - up to 20mm,  water jet cutting - up to 90mm

06-10-2002 : fences and barriers - woven wire mesh,  welded wire mesh, expanded metal, steel meshes for fences

23-08-2002 : designed sheet metal - stainless steel sheet metal - etched sheet metal - pattern rolled sheet metal - and stainless steel mirrors

16-06-2002 : facade protection against birds - bird spikes and protection nets

12-03-2002 : metal wire clothes of rotec (materials : stainless steel, galvanized steel, gun metal, brass) mesh width from 0,002mm up to 16,00mm

20-02-2002 : staircases - spindle stairs - spiral stairs - steps and treads

14-02-2002 : ventilation grids, weather protection grids,  ventilated wall systems - security grids (burglar proof - fire proof - sound absorbing grids)

24-022001 : rotec safety gratings (types : STURDY, ROUND, CONE, RHOMBUS... etc.)

perforated sheet metal
perforated sheet metal

security grating type O2
savety grating type O2

perforated gratings for steps and stairs
perforated gratings for steps and stairs

LASER cut and water jet cutting
LASER cut and water jet cutting

tubular framings and edgings for panes
tubular framings and edgings for panes

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Our offers :

- We are the right partner for all, who are working with semi finished metal products, grids and gratings, sheet metal, perforated sheet metal or
chequered, structured and decorative sheetmetal, profiles and edgings, bird spikes, staircases, spiral staircases and banisters. We are partners of industry and construction industry. 

- short term delivery ex stock
- short tern special manufacturing
- LASERcut and water jet cutting

- We are the right partner for architects, interior designers, clients and industry.



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