Perforated Sheet Metal from ADMAR - Type QG Perforated Sheet Metal with Square holes
in straight rows (Form QG according to DIN/ISO 24 042)
This type of square holed perforated sheetmetal is mostly applied as cover panels in the sheetmetal industry. 
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Hole Dimensions:

Hole size W : The hole size w could be defined as the smallest dimension for the hole opening.

Hole Center Distance t : This is the distance from one hole center to any adjacent hole center. The DIN-Standard refers to this as hole division.

Web Width C : This is defined as the smallest dimension between the edge of one hole to the edge of any adjacent hole.

Relative free hole surface area Ao% : This is defined as the permeability expressed as a percentage, based on one hole together with half the web width of the adjacent holes. This excludes the sheetmetal edges.

Perforated Sheet Metal from ADMAR - Type QG
rotec Sheet Metal are available in three Standard Sizes:
Small Format (KF) 1000x2000mm,
Medium Format (MF) 1250X2500mm
Large Format (GF) 1500X3000mm.

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