Perforated Sheet Metal - Special Manufacturing

rotec, with it's long years of experience in solving specific problems, wil be the right people to talk to if it is all about perforated semi finished products.

On the next few pages you will find information about the available tools that we have for the manufacturing of perforated sheetmetal with special perforations and arrangements according to your requirements.

For more information, or personal contact, we are gladly available to assist where we can.


Perforated Sheet Metal from ADMAR

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Please choose your required hole arrangement from the sample pictures on the left hand side.


Custom-made perforated sheetmetal can be produced within two weeks.
We could also munufacture customer specific punching dies. (
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The LASERcut und Watercut services of rotec are setting new standards in the Sheetmetal Manufacturing Industry. Sheetmetal and materials with extreme thickness can be cut stress-free on our CNC controlled machines.

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