Meshes and Metal Wire Clothes from rotec - sieves and filters for the industry

Rete metallica con armatura tela

Metal Wire Cloth with plain weave - for constant length of the meshes

Rete metallica con armatura del corpo

Metal Wire Cloth with solid weave (for minimum mesh width and high thickness of the wire)

Gallone metallico con armatura tela

Metal Braid with plain weave - for constant width of the meshes - and high flow rate

Gallone metallico a tenuta di luce

Lightproof Metal Braid - for micro clarification

Gallone armato

Armoured Metal Braid - for high sturdyness - and high flow rate

Tessuto a larga maglia

High Width Metal Wire Cloth - for vibrating screens

Tessuto con armatura quintuplice

Quintuple Reinforced Metal Wire Cloth - for drainage filters


MULTIPLEX Metal Wire Cloth - for micro clarification

Griglia ondulata

Woven Wire Mesh for fences - gates and partition walls ... etc.

Griglia saldata a punti

Spot Welded Wire Mesh - for fences - gates and partition walls ... etc.

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