LASERcut in our Machining Centre at Berlin

You send us your drawings via mail - e-mail or on CD-ROM. We are able to work with the following formats : *.DXF - *.DWG - *.IGS - *.PRD - *.WKF.

We send our quotation - free of charge.

In our LASERcut centre we are maching the following materials :

  • steel - up to 20mm, stainless steel - up to 12mm
  • spring steel, alpacca
  • aluminium - up to 8mm
  • nickel silver - up to 20mm
  • GRP (glass fibre-reinforced plastic) - up to 16mm

Dimensions of the panels :

  • 6000 x 2000mm, longer panels - on AnfrageformularEnquiry

LASERcut in our Machining Centre at Berlin

 Examples :


Mexican Ambassy at Berlin :

Brass panel (4,0 x 1300 x 2000mm) - with the Mexican coat of arms and lettering "EMBAJADA DE MEXICO".

Embajada de México

Embajada de México

The entrance to the Babelsberg film studios.

The eagles for the German Federal Chancellery.

 Babelsberg Filmstudios

 Federal Chancellery

Serial production for the industry.

Special manufaturing of perforated sheet metal for façades.

 LASERcut for serial production

LASERcut for special manufaturing

For further information, please contact  :

Mr. Jacob v. Bremen

Phone : +49 30 789 039 42


Fax : +49 30 789 03990


e-mail :

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