The manufacturing of EP gratings (type EP - Einpress-Gitter / press-in gratings):

The spacing bars are pressed-in by high pressure into the prepared slots of the supporting bars. For to reach high sturdity : in the centre the slots are tapered.

materials : steel, stainless steel, aluminium
Strip Steel  K60
Strip Steel  K60
The supporting bars are bearing the load - the spacing bars are
distributing the load giving sturdity.

Our gratings are available with frame or without frame.

The mesh size is the width between the bars. In contrast to this, the division of the mesh ist the distance between the centres of the bars.

Full gratings are made of supporting bars and spacing bars in the same height. 
ADMAR Grating (31x31)
Mesh sizes for rotec standard gratings.
Standard sizes are bold.
Square mesh size (SPxSR)
9x9, 14x14, 20x20, 26x26, 31x31, 42x42, 53x53, 64x64, 75x75
Square mesh size (SPxSR)
by large distance between the supporting bars
20x9, 31x9, 31x14, 31x20, 42x9, 42x20, 42x31, 53x20, 53x26, 53x31, 64x9, 64x20, 64x31
Square mesh size (SPxSR)
by small distance between the supporting bars
9x20, 9x31, 9x42, 9x64, 20x53, 31x42, 31x53, 31x64
Possible cutouts :
- round cutout
- rectangular cutout
- inclined cutout

Edged by strip metal.
Possible cutouts : round - rectangular - declined
Profilated rotec Non-slip Safety Gratings.

(gratings type RG1, RG2 and RG3)
Profilated ADMAR Non-slip Safety Gratings
The distance between the saddles is the distance between the centres of the saddles.

The span ist the clearance between two supporting beams.
The distance between the saddles
The saddle of the grating must be at the minimum =25-30mm. Deviations are only allowed for to avoid displacement of the gratings. Placement of ADMAR gratings
The base course fastening the grates :

angular frame with steel anchors for fastening on the foundation (see picture)
Angular frame for ADMAR grates
For to reach a plane floor the grating could be raised up or coped. ADMAR Gratings - tecnical terms
The skirting board should welded on. ADMAR Gratings - the skirting board
The stairs are made of gratings with a non-slip safety front edge (type SAK). The front edge is made of a perforated profile and is welded on the stair. ADMAR stair with perforated non-slip safety front edge

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