Stairs for the chemical industries - made of ADMAR GRP gratings.Acid resistant ADMAR GRP gratings.Our plastic gratings are made from high quality GRP (glass fiber reinforced plastic)  material. rotec plastic gratings are as sturdy as welded metal gratings - and have also the excellent chemical characteristics of plastic materials like : acid resistance  and corrosion-resistance.

The supporting and the spacing bars of rotec plastic gratings are made with equal dimensions dimensione and have therefore equal load bearing capacity in all directions.

Easy and rapid installation : the gratings can be cut easily to the right dimensions on the building site or in the workshop.

Examples for the use of rotec GRP gratings : platforms, gangways, catwalks, bridges in the chemical industries.

 Acid resistant ADMAR GRP panels.Structured panels from rotec:
Our GRP panels are the meaning full enlargement of our GRP product range. The panels are fastened on the gratings. and are available with the following surface types : riffled - stucco - smooth.

rotec GRP are available in following materials :

standard type -  IAR (isophtal-acid resin) : with a wide range of applications in the chemical industries
special type - VER (vinyl-ester resin) : usable for the extreme enquiries

Technical data panels in standard dimensions :

coloures :
length x width 1000 x 2000 mm standard colours : grey, orange
special colours : green,
RAL*) colours
colours due to the client's indications*)
luminous colours - daylight *)
luminous colours - night *)
minimum quantity =10 m2
height 25, 30, 35, 40 mm
thickness of the bar ca. 6 mm
mesh size 30 x 30 mm
open surface of the grating 62%

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