Gratings - and ventilation Grids

Special manufacturing
of rotec EP-gratings :
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our product range - made-to-measure
galvanized or stainless steel no. 1.4301 / or 1.4571
smooth or riffled
rectangle and square meshes
special mesh dimensions are possible
special shapes (round, rectangular ... etc.) are possible
special dimensions are possible up to 4000 x 2000 mm
full gratings (suporting bars and spacing bars are equal)
rotec manufactures the right grating for a wide range of applications
rotec EP standard gratings are made from cold rolled strip steel (K60) - due to DIN / ISO 24537 standard for gratings. We are manufacturing gratings - up to the hight of 60mm. Comparatively to gratings, made from hot rolled strip steel, our gratings are up to 50% more resilient. The useful life is up to 60% longer. Our high quality material has a tensilie strength of about 60 kp/mm2. Therefore the gratings are resilient and are not deformable.
For to reach an additional sturdity and high resistance against twisting, the U-shaped edging is welded without altitude difference to the grating bars.



rotec EP non-slip gratings - with profiled spacing bars
for the non-slip effect in direction of the spacing bars - Type RG1
rotec EP non-slip gratings - with profiled supporting bars
or the non-slip effect in direction of the supporting bars - Type RG2
rotec EP non-slip gratings - with profiled supporting and spacing bars
the universal solution for the highest safety level - Type RG3
rotec non-slip safety gratings are awarded with a proof certificate by the German Professional Assosoation (having liability for industrial safety and insurance - Berufsgenossenschaft /BG) - due to DIN / ISO 51 130 / proof certificate R12. The gratings can be placed up to an angle of 35°.

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