Safety Gratings from ADMARRange of Application :
  • types STABLE and STABLE-S - for the optimal drainage effect
  • types ROUND and ROUND-S - for the optimal non-slip effect
  • type CROSSBAR - for the optimal load bearing capacity
  • types CONE and RHOMBUS - with profilated surface (not perforated)
  • type ROUND-N - the optimum for interior design, design and swimming pools
  • type RUBBER BUMPS for the optimal protection against noise

Legal Safety Standards :

rotec non-slip safety panels meat the legal requirements (protection of health and safety standards at work - ZH1/571) and are proved with certificate of the German PROFESSIONAL ASSOCIATION INSTITUTE for SAFETY STANDARDS at WORK (BERUFSGENOSSENSCHAFTLICHES INSTITUT für ARBEITSSICHERHEIT - BIA).

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Load Tables for Safety Panels
Safety Gratings from ADMAR - type RUBBER BUMPS
Specifications :
  • High non-slip effect - proved with certificate of the BIA institute.
  • Lengths up to 6000mm /12000mm - for large distances between the saddles - for a reduction of the costs for steel constructions.
  • The puntual loads are effecting directly against the surface. Because of the perforation, there is developing a load bearing zone in longitudinal direction, which is called "co-bearing crossbar (bm)". This value depends from the width of the panel (B) and the loaded area.
    bm = a + 0,625 x B
    (a =length of the loaded area in longitudinal direction fo the panel)
  • For the static cros section, the non perforated outline area - functions like a bottom flange.
  • The edged zone functions like a top flange.
  • Material thickness : from 2,0mm - up to 3,5mm


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