Expanded Metal from rotec - permeable to air and and transparent - with a lot of advantages :

  • No material leakage during the clean production process.
  • A free cross sectional view of up to 85% of the surface.
  • A lot of different types are available : round - square - rhombus ... etc.

Expanded Metal of ADMAR - Banister

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The expanded metal of rotec is made from steel with a minimum yield point of 25%.

Expanded metal from stainless steel (INOX no. 1.4301 or 1.4571) - from non ferrous metals like aluminium, copper or brass or from plastics :
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Expanded Metal of ADMAR - Fašade

For further information, please contact  :

Mr. Jacob v. Bremen

Phone : +49 30 789 039 42


Fax : +49 30 789 03990


e-mail : info@rotec-berlin.de

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