Spike Strip - type transparent QUATTRO

Spike Strip  - type Transparent - QUATTRO
Article no. 13107

The inclinated spikes are fastened on the corrugated polystyrole strip (UV-resistant). The spikes are made from spring steel. The polystyrole strips can be cut manually to the right length.

Specifications :
total width
height of the spikes =110mm
diameter of the spikes =1,3mm (wire)
length of the strip =500mm

- The spike strips are well visible for the birds. Therefore it is improbable that the birds injure themselfes.

- The strips can be cut easily.

- For a better protection on places at risk, more rows of strips can be installed side by side.

  • packaging : 120 strips  0.5m per packaging unit 

ADMAR Spike Strip - Transparent strip type QUATTRO

ADMAR Spike Strip - Transparent strip type QUATTRO


Bird Spikes and Nets - mounting accessories

Fastening Plates                                                                          

  • stainless steel - material no. 1.4401 - dimensions : 20 x 40 x 0,65mm - equipped with two reinforcing creases and and bore for screwing -    packaging : 100 pieces per packaging unit - screws and suitable dowels are available. 
    Article no. 13401

Bird Spikes and Nets - mounting accessories

Silicone Bonding Agent

  • Cartridge - charge =310ml - on Enquiry with pistol for the cartridge
    Article no. 13414

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